Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Drama Parlour Shoot

Thought I would share some pics from the Drama Parlour shoot .
Here are a few of my favorites.

Remember im new to this but do love taking pics especially off this lot.

The Drama Parlour now located at
Ground floor..

Lucy in Disguise
48 Lexington street,
Soho W1F 0LR.

There you will also find my new creations,
 Keeping the Emporium vibe alive.

Vicky Drama in her parlour.

Johnny Russell on hair

The Lads deciding on cuts.

Sarah hill and Johnny Russell

Wheres Pshemko when we need him.

Pshemko Sierek the artist

The Scooby gang.

Visit them soon for wicked hair.

Be back in a while just gotta finish my decorating.

lots of love
Mrs Jones

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  1. Fee it's been too long! You know these photos are good that is surely why you posted them! Personally I think they are bloody brilliant, sincerely hope you are adding professional photography to your already very talented bow.