Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New Collection

Hello all,
Hope you guys are all well, As for me im just so glad fashist week is over and I can get back to being creative. So here's the thing that pisses me off about fashion and the way it works, It takes soooo flaming long. Its no ones fault, its just the way it is.
 This is my first ever commercial collection which I designed donkeys years ago or so it seems and it only just ready now,  although not really as it has to go to Paris and get orders then it will be around in the summer I guess, Its so tedious all the waiting about and factory visits and the disappointments as it never end up looking quiet the same as it did in the first place.
I shouldn't really moan as I have not had to deal with that side, A lovely company called "Inspired by" have been dealt with all that side of things thankfully as I dont think I would have the patience.
Im more see it, buy it, have it.
Here's a sneak preview. Its inspired by all the artists I worked with last year, well mainly Kirsty Almeida and a dash of Claire Mcguire. That's the best thing about my job is I get to meet so many amazing people and their briefs are all so different it pushes you into doing something you would never have thought to do, hence tons of inspiration.
The new commercial (yuck dirty word sorry) collection turned up fresh from the factory yesterday and I whipped it out the box got it home, got my gorgeous house mate LeeLou in it, rammed some horns in her lovely head and bundled us into the shed as it was pissing down, whipped me camera out, boxed it back up, sent it back it now on its way to Paris. DONE. Getting so inpatient in my old age. Like a child, I want it NOW.
Just need your help now to help me decide which pics you think I should go with only need 3.

Much love and stuff
Mrs Jones


  1. I love the second pic the best .. xx looks amazing xx

  2. Dearest Fee,
    och, that's quite hard as they are all really good.
    Hmm, right thinking cap firmly on...I think the first and the last pic for sure as they show off the wonderful clothes better than the others do and then it's a toss up in between pic number two, three or six.
    Lucky you to have such a stunning woman to model your gear, she looks absolutely wonderful & those cheeky horns are a stroke of genius.
    Good luck with this new venture, I'm sure it will be a big success.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Take care luv,

  3. All are great - but from the top I'd go for 1 , 2 (a fab photo) and 7

  4. Morning,
    Thank you guys so much for your help you have helped me decide.

    Just had my first lie in about 3 months ! which for me is crazy as I do love me bed. Even that was exhausting just dreamt I was putting on a fashion show but didn't have any clothes !! left them at home on the washing line and was whipping bits from the audience and madly trying to create something out of nothing, I then lost all my models and was running round coffee shops trying to find model types. So annoying that even my dreams are stressful.
    Anyway back to reality , not much difference really.
    Take care lovely peps

  5. I love them all, Fee, but I am especially partial to the first picture.

    Great collection.

    Much love,