Thursday, 18 August 2011

Shooting Stars

Hello All, Hope you all well and safe after resent escapades. I must admit I was terrified our little shop was going to get it but luckily my stuff is too weird to bother with.  Moving on sharply as it doesn't deserve any more discussion.
So just before it all kicked off I was shooting stars, Well they are stars in my eyes, been keeping the new camera busy with another side line. Press shots for Musicians and Djs, here are a few to have a little gander at, remember im new at this game. Was slightly shitting myself as the first lot of shoots could just have been a fluke. Still I find its good to do things that are a little scary. Keeps you on your toes. Hope you enjoy!

This is Rodney Hilton Smith from Roots Manuva (in case you didn't recognise him) Its just a test as we have been playing around with his look, trying new shapes/ silhouettes etc. This one is my fav, reminds me a little an early 80s Run DMC which is one of my fav times in music and fashion. I love the fact there is a figure in the reflection of the amazing Cazels, Worth at least 500 squid !!! lent to us as a special treat by the lovely Lee who sells the best vintage Glasses ever. Available in the Emporium and also in his new shop on Redchurch street eastside.

Im loving this look on Rodney, What a dude!!!
Great silhouette dont you think? very dapper, well it would be as the cape was another lend from the man himself Mark Powell. Cant go wrong really when Marks Designs are on board.

Have you heard Rodney's new track? Its pretty bloody good, Im well impressed, defiantly worth checking out. What a nice guy he is and funny too. Would love to work with this guy again he's got it going on.

This handsome devil is Jon Jak a dj who is based in Thailand, plays dance, electro and house currently entertaining the troops in Ibeefa.
In this pic Jon Jak wears jacket by" I dream of Wires" which we stock at the shop. I love their wares they are totally out there and beyond there time. Know that feeling...

Yes the amazing Cazels had to come out again, well I only had them for one day and had to get the most out of them. love this pic, very sexy dont you think? togs and hat from Emporium.

Another look for Jon Jak, Adorning a Mark Powell special.
Shoot in Used Not Abused, perfect for a dj isn't it.
Sorry Neil moved one record, cant remember if I put it back
where it lived. (This is why I am not allowed to touch)
Had to have the "Classic cuts" in there !

Another wicked guy who trusted me with my camera, Ahh bless.

Be back soon !!!
lots of love and fun
Mrs J


  1. These are all fantastic. Love the contrasts and shapes in the b/w ones,s. Then again love the colour ones too! Great how the shape of his pose fits the graffiti...

  2. Fuck me.. Jon Jak.. is cute.. swop worlds for a day Fee.. xx
    Glad you are ok and missed all the crap, I am in London September 12th for the day, but our lovely mutual friend is away still so it will have to be after that. I have promised to come down for an overnight stay so maybe we could have a few sharpeners ;) xx
    By the way back to the post.. I was distracted by the handsome DJ...
    Fabulous .. I love all the photos and styling you rock babe xx

  3. Fee you rock that camera, I agree with Ruth, Jon Jak... quite, the honey. Hope all is good in your world.

  4. Fee .. just realised that you may not realise its me Ruth.... I am no longer blogging under "Ruby Tuesday" back to xx

  5. Wow. I can't believe you got to shoot Rodney from Roots Manuva. He looks totally amazing in these pictures. The style, the poise, he Rocks!